The Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases is a highly specialized unit of the hospital Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia in Italy, certified as a center of excellence.

The Center integrates three main special research and working areas:

  • genetics,
  • cardiology and
  • pathological anatomy.

We specialize in the care of patients affected by genetic disorders. For example, cardiovascular and non cardiovascular disorders, inherited tumors, rare and complex genetic syndromes. We also care for patients who are at risk of developing or transmitting these disorders.

We go beyond carrying only about our patients –  we extend our care to their whole families.

Currently we have more than 7000 families we work closely with. We are in the era of personalized precision medicine. We are going from an era when patients had to share all the signs and symptoms and be treated identically, to the concept that each patient is different. Thus, each patient requires a personalized approach to treatment. The combination of patients and families from our outpatient clinic, as well as the molecular genetics and cardiovascular pathology provide unique facilities for translational research on inherited cardiovascular diseases.